Make Memories at Westlake Village Shopping Center

Make Memories at Westlake Village Shopping Center

Bring your family to our fun events in Greeley, CO

Scouring the internet for "events near me in Greeley, CO" can be exhausting. Area residents need to look no further than the Westlake Village Shopping Center for family-friendly events in Greeley. Our shopping center is home to everything from the battle of the bands to a chili cook-off. We also host a variety of holiday events throughout the year.

Whether you're looking for something to do with friends or a fun activity for the whole family, trust Westlake Village Shopping Center to supply the fun.

Don't waste another minute searching for "events near me." Call us at 970-356-6900 now to learn about our upcoming events in Greeley, CO.

Enjoy holiday fun at our shopping center

If you want to make your holidays even more special, come out to Westlake Village Shopping Center. Throughout the year, our local shopping center in Greeley, CO transforms into the perfect place to celebrate holiday events. Some of our top holiday events include:

  • Halloween parties with trick-or-treating
  • Pictures with Santa Claus
  • Easter egg hunts

Don't miss out on the holiday fun at Westlake Village Shopping Center. Contact us today to learn about our upcoming holiday events.